The 5 Best Christmas Gifts for families and friends

Christmas is coming, we are having a happy time to celebrate the great time in the whole year. At this time, we can hold Xmas party with our friends, we can get more time with our relatives, and also we can express our thanks to everyone who have help us during the past year...... For your friends, for your relatives, for your family, especially for yourself, choose a wonderful gift for them.

1. iPod


The Apple iPod has revolutionized portable audio from a personal music player, to a complete pocket computer! Released just in time to make it onto Christmas lists around the world, the iPod (iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, iPod classic) caters to people’s every need as a personal entertainment device with the ability to browse and buy from iTunes, auto-create playlists, and watch movies. Audio and video is only the start of its robust functionality however.

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2. iPhone


Apple iphone is innovative, has a great display, good web browser, voice quality has improved, and sleek design. It is a really cool gift that men and teenagers want to have.

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3. Audio & Video CDs


Make this Christmas extra special with collectible gifts with some popular CDs of songs, audio books and movies. The perfect introduction to the fantasy genre for people of all ages will give them something they’ll enjoy year after year.

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4. Flip Mino HD


The Flip Mino HD can record an hour's worth of 720p high definition video encoded in H.264 MP4 at 30 frames per second on its 4GBs of internal storage. The device measures 4 x 2 x 0.6 inches, weighs only 3.3 ounces, and connects to your computer via a flip-out USB plug, no cables required.

The best thing about the Flip Mino HD is that it's an HD camcorder that fits in your pocket and doesn't need anything else. Sure it comes with a TV composite cable if you want to hook it up to your TV, but you don't have to pack that cable.

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5. Wondershare Mac Apps for Macs


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