How to store commercial DVD and watch without disc on Mac?

Watching movies is an essential part of our leisure life on weekends. Many moviegoers have tons of DVD on the shelf. We may waste lots of time to find the DVD, specially the commercial DVDs. We have to take the disc if we want to watch movies on our travel. Sometimes the discs may be gotten ruined by scratches. We need a way to manage our personal DVDs collection and watch without disc.

Now, we can store DVD movies on your Mac with DVD-Library, a new utility that creates an image of the DVD on our hard drive so we can watch without the disc on Mac.

dvd-library for Mac

The image preserves the quality, navigation and special features of the original DVD and can be played using Apple's DVD Player or Front Row. DVD-Library allows you to play your images on any computer that you own but does not allow you to share your images with others. It can help you keep track of your DVDs in particular.

It's nice to have perfect quality one for one copies of my favorites right on my hard drive when I travel, and the "DVD boxes" are a nice touch. Although the images take up a good bit of space, I keep my main library on a backup drive and rotate images on my Macbook before I leave for a trip, or simply take the drive with me. This is a great solution for watching movies on a notebook and keeping DVDs from getting ruined by scratches.

DVD-Library requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. The beta is FREE.

Here is the user guide: How to use DVD-Library to store commercial DVD on Mac?

From: How to store commercial DVD and watch without disc on Mac?

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